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3 Star - Great Taste 2011
Great Taste Awards 2010
Gold - Taste of the West 2009
Best of Sweet Confectionery - Tast of the West 2009

Traditional Saffron Cake In A Gift Tin


Saffron cake in a beautifully designed tin, featuring a photograph of Cornwall. It makes an excellent gift for a loved one. A lasting memento of your visit to Cornwall, it is also a container to keep your Saffron Cake within easy reach.


Simply Cornish Saffron Cake 655g


Simply Cornish traditional Cornish Saffron Cake is made with real saffron to a secret 100 year old recipe. It is a delicious highly fruited yeast raised dough cake with an aromatic flavour, especially good eaten cold, liberally spread with butter or for a special treat with Cornish Clotted Cream. It also excellent when toasted. The cake has been a best seller for many years.

The making of the legendary Saffron cake is said to date back to the days when Phoenician traders exchanged spices and other goods for the tin from the Cornish mines. The spice ‘Saffron’ was added to give flavour to bread and cakes. Saffron is dried stigmas from the flower Crocus Sativus. To say it is expensive is a slight understatement, with only the best La Mancha Saffron from Spain being used in Simply Cornish Saffron Cake.